Saturday, October 3, 2009

Are You a Messenger of Peace?

Subject: Are You a Messenger of Peace?

Dear Friends,

I've been approached by a highly-endorsed peace organization with an intriguing proposition.

They are looking for authors and aspiring authors who have felt something we've all felt...the need to take positive action to improve the way the world is going. And, if you've ever wanted to write a book, I think you'll find their proposition highly interesting.

10 Million Clicks For Peace is looking for 1,000 authors to write about one of the many aspects of peace, including such things as: personal peace, financial peace, life purpose, peace at work, peace in school, peace in one's relationships, physical peace (i.e. your health), peace with your pet, peace with the environment, and so forth.

Their plan is to create 1 million books of peace and have them printed by December 31st ready for distribution to schools, prisons, youth centers, churches, shelters, as well as the general public, during 2010.

To accomplish this, they've teamed up with a professional training company that teaches a course to help authors create their new books in a way that takes all the guess-work out of the book production process. You won't have to worry about such things as book cover design, interior layout, graphics, where to go for printing, and so forth.

This 6-week work-at-your-own-pace, home-study course removes all the obstacles from the book production process so you are left to focus on your message of peace.

What's really exciting is that the course even shows you how to find a topic that really resonates with you and you'll uncover a passion for writing your message of peace. You'll read more about this from the 10-pages of testimonials written by the new authors who took the course in 2008.

Now as far as the big picture goes, the thing that allows you to write your book in just weeks is that these are not full-sized books. They call them "mini-books," which are shirt-pocket sized (3.5" x 5") books only 32 pages in length. That's the equivalent of just 6 typed pages! They are fast to write because you'll use an easy pre-formatted writing template. If you've ever written a story or article, you can definitely write a mini-book.

Here's what Julian Kalmar, Founder of 10 Million Clicks says about them, and from what I've seen, the potential to do the good work of the Universe is now readily accessible to everyone.

"Personally, I was very impressed to see how Robert Evans has taken all the mystery out of the book writing process. I remember writing my book on Happiness...all the decision-making I had to go through, all the forms to acquire, the research of who to use as a printer, the graphics, the editing, the interior design. It was a huge undertaking."

"Instead, the entire process has been simplified as you'll see in the webinar."

"But, that pales by comparison to the realization I had of the profound effect we could have on world peace by using these mini-books as vehicles for teaching an entire generation how to live together more harmoniously. I'm very excited by the prospect of what we can all do by working together and I want this to mark a turning point in how the average citizen of any country can simply do their part to create peace on their own."

—Julian Kalmar, Founder 10 Million Clicks For Peace

If you've ever wanted to write a book and help the world in a big way, this just might be for you.

Here's how to find out more:

Yours in peace,


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