Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Core Star Meditation

Relax. Let your being expand and melt into a crystal clear stream of light and life force.

Let go and surrender into oneness and your natural light.

Keep on expanding and feel the flowing love that you are.

Continue to melt, let go, and expand.

Now feel the essence of your core light radiating out.

Your core star is your connection to the Source.

Your core star, your center within, connected to All That Is.

See your own core, in all its unique brilliance.

This is you.

Here you are at one with all things living. And it is here that you transcend beyond the expanse of time and space.

Feel the peace, feel the bliss, emanating from you.

Source's Light is firmly connected, flowing, expressing as your soul, through every part of your being.

Melt, surrender, and feel more inner bliss of letting go.

Your All That Is core essence is light and ever expanding love.

The Beloved core within is you. You are the Divine. Know the essence of Source streams within you and also from you. Know you are One.

This core star light connects to all vibrations of light.

You are in All.

And All is within you.

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