Friday, April 3, 2009

Moving Into The New Era Of Energy Healing

Experience Margaret’s unforgettable teaching style
and her love, care and compassion from anywhere in the world.

Ever since I wandered upon my journey as a healer I have always been drawn to the newest most cutting edge healing techniques available. And what I enjoy the most is a modality that is easy to comprehend, learn and utilize. One that really works!

I have clients living in areas all over the world. And I thank God that most of them speak English, even a little English, so we can understand and communicate with each other. What I hear from them in the majority of their healing requests all have a common thread.

  1. That they are in pain, spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical.
  2. That they are fearful to commit to a process that has little or no results.
  3. That they would like to be healed in as little time as possible.
  4. And that they have already spent huge amounts of money on both traditional and holistic methods.
Does this sound familiar to you? I know I possessed these same feelings whenever I went searching for healing. I understood what they needed.

During my life as a registered nurse, one of our duties was to create care plans for our patients. What this basically was was a way to get a person back into a homeostatic state where healing can occur. This included administering drugs, pre/intra/post surgical care, monitoring and observation, whatever the person required to be able to return to daily life.

The nursing treatment for a post operative cholecystectomy, or removal of gall bladder, was basically the same from one patient to the next.
Keep the incision clean, early ambulation, free from respiratory infections, and dietary education.

As I made my transition to holistic health and energy medicine, I saw that my nursing background was the strongest foundation I had that I easily built and expanded upon.

I’ll tell you what I mean.

A person in Germany who suffered from a broken heart along with its spiritual, mental, emotional and physical pain had the same signs and symptoms of a person in Brazil with a broken heart . And when I helped one person I could draw on the same protocol to help the next. And it worked!

I need to interject here and say that I know that each person is totally unique and has special individual needs and requirements. What I mean is their underlying causes are often similar.

I found a common thread that was shared by my clients and created an innovative method to help people heal.

I have recorded my special healing sessions as MP3 files so that people can download them and listen to them at their leisure, and as many times as they desire.

Have you ever been so off balance that you simply forget what someone has just said to you? Now you can simply relisten and gain deeper healing as the energy transmissions I send you sink and integrate into all dimensions of you. Your soul, mind, emotions, body, and all their interconnections receive healing. Even your ancestry and personal history.

Clients report feeling fortified, strengthened, cleansed, happy, peaceful, positive and joyful once again. My meditations have taken them into deeper healing and letting go. That they have felt my presence and love recorded in the files and that they feel like I have written each one especially for them. This is simply the greatest feedback I have ever received.

Some of my healing classes include:
Healing Emotional Body: Validation
Family Patterns Healing Class
Healing Love
Healing Karma
Earth Star Activation
Healing Class
Healing Money
Birth Into Christ light
and the list keeps on growing!

The healing lasts for hours and you can repeat it as much as you like and as often as you feel necessary. Plus you can save it and relisten as needed. The cost is 70% less than the cost of an hour healing session with me. Now that’s an economic blessing I pass forward to you.

In addition, I have recorded free MP3 files of some of my most favorite meditations. Spring Healing Meditation, Prosperity Prayer, Positive Emotions, I AM Love Meditation, and Unconditional Love Transmission.

You can download these into your MP3 player from Itunes and take healing wherever you go. On the bus, train, walking. Please refrain from listening while driving.

Bad day at work? It's so easy to leave the job at work and keep a happy home. Simply listen on the way home and keep your family free from discordant energies.

Or listen from my blog site:

If you would like to read client feedback

I have come a long way in my healing career. I really hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy creating them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to assist you in your healing and living the life of your dreams. Thank you for all your love and appreciation. I look forward to working with you.

Experience Margaret’s unforgettable teaching style and her love, care and compassion from anywhere in the world.

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