Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Healing Fear and Stress Class (Becoming One).MP3


I've received hundreds of requests from people
all over the world asking me for healing assistance
to help release their stress and fears.

This is indeed a most critical time in the world.

Basic survival is at risk

So many have lost homes, careers, jobs, incomes,
health insurance, savings and retirement nest eggs.

Thousands have abandoned their best friends,
their animal companions, in order to stay alive themselves.

Millions have other stressors such as having to pay back
student loans when there are no jobs available.

So many of you lost your loved ones in war, illness,
depression, or to drugs, alcohol, and other addictions.

The most basic and deepest fear is the fear to exist;
a fear so prevalent it unites us all.

Is this the experience we chose to come together
so we can remember Oneness?

We can come together and become One in better way.

Here is my Healing Fear and Stress Class.


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