Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prayer For Abused Animals - Prayer Circles - Beliefnet Community


Prayer For Abused Animals - Prayer Circles - Beliefnet Community: Abused Animals
Prayer For Abused Animals

Welcome to my prayer circle for abused animals, for all species, and for all abuses. I know our prayers will make a difference in the world. Please save and protect God's helpless creatures. Thank you! Margaret Loris RN MS www.sunhealer.com

Dear Source, I whole heartedly request Your healing grace and unlimited unconditional love to flow in through and around all abused animals on this planet.

Wrap them in your safety. Protect them from evil, harm, and pain.

Please guide all beings to love and respect all your creatures. Remind them of their hearts. Please raise their vibrations into love.

Let all animals be completely free from their history of unnecessary pain and suffering.

As animals naturally invoke the law of forgiveness onto us, let us begin today a new and rewritten life and way of being for all.

With my deepest gratitude, I thank you for both the animals and our healed life.

It is done.

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