Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Healing with Crystals

When most people speak of homeostasis, they refer to the body's ability to balance itself on a continuous basis. Second by second, your body is being called upon to counteract disequilibrium and to find harmony again. The body calls upon a multitude of operations in order to function in a healthy and normal manner.

But we also have a mental, emotional, and spiritual body. And that these bodies are also in constant flux, working on maintaining and sustaining homeostasis and health.

Say, for example, you accidentally run into a former partner. All your bodies are being challenged to stay in equilibrium. You do your best to avoid an emotional stew of feelings. Regret, happiness, anger, love, abandonment. All experienced in order to return to emotional wellbeing.

Then your mind races in all directions, remembering your first kiss, favorite song, last date...

Your physical body does its best to hold back tears; pretends to not feel the pain of rejection, and -- oh, that familiar heartache!

And your spiritual body gets its turn too.

What is the significance of your meeting?
Is there a deeper level of pain that needs releasing?
Are you two karmically entwined?
Or, did you just allow your soul mate to walk through the door?
Did your chakras just receive a deeper cleansing?
Wearing crystals and using them in healing can shorten your visits to painful places and help you work through situations so that you can release the toxic vibrations and grow and evolve.

Crystal healing reveals to you your greatness, that you are a divine multidimensional being. ©

The above message is an excerpt from Margaret Loris' Self Healing Expressions course, Crystals for Healing: Crystal Therapy in Multi Dimensions.

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