Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Voice From The Temple - The Angels of Atlantis

A Voice From The Temple

ARCHANGELS in the form of orbs of light once bequeathed me the vision of a Temple of Sound Healing. This took place during the legendary Harmonic Convergence of August 16 & 17 1987, and the temple was to be known as ‘The Alchemy of Voice’.

During that summer of 1987 a cosmic portal opened, through an astrological grand trine shifting in the heavens. This momentous event was the dawning of Aquarius, and effectively awakened 144,000 Rainbow Light Warriors from thousands of years worth of slumber. For over that fateful weekend ordinary folk suddenly became aware of the profound prophecies of the Mayan Elders, who were at one time Atlantian beings, and how their ancient Calendar would continue alerting us by revelation upon revelation, through a further period of twenty-five years, up to 2012.

What was revealed to us was mighty – that thousands of years ago our souls were charged with a specific task – to assist the arousal and healing of planetary spiritual intelligence. Furthermore, that we who carry this information have always venerated life on planet Earth, knowing that a recalibration would be necessary, by removing a vast veil of illusion from individual and collective consciousness. And when this veil of uncertainty was expunged, human sensing would be attuned to a much higher octave of knowledge!

Please check out the angel pages for prayers and meditations.  This is excellent!

A Voice From The Temple - The Angels of Atlantis:

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