Thursday, June 28, 2012

Special: Crystal Grid Long Distance Healings

I have decided to offer crystal grid healing sessions at an affordable price to assist all of you who need healing support during these powerful and intense transition times.

People all over the world have been asking me to provide them healing relief. Many are experiencing deep changes spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically and feel out of sorts, imbalanced, off center, and ungrounded. Is this also happening to you too?

Healing sessions often include multiple modalities, and frequently both mine and your Spirit guides direct me to use crystals and healing stones for balancing chakras, amplifying life force energy, grounding clients or assisting in opening to healing in particular parts of the body or being.

If you could use any healing for the following issues or need something special please let me know.

Centering and balancing
Relaxing and replenishing
Release and let go
Unconditional Love

Simply let me know which healing you desire and what time is good for you.

Email me at

All crystal grid healings $30.00 per hour

Type of Crystal Healing Requested

Love Margaret

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