Monday, December 14, 2009

Basic ThetaHealing DNA 2 Class

Greetings! I welcome you to discover the exciting world of ThetaHealing™. It’s wonderful to see you explore your path and embark on the journey of your life. I honor you for your enthusiasm and know that by taking this class your world is about to open and expand in a wondrous way.

Some People Are Just Starting To Wonder Why…

Their Dream Life Was Always Going To Be...

Just A Pipedream.

And ALL The Changes They Hunger For...

Will Never Be Satiated.

Are you searching for the Divine state where there are no limits and you can have, do, or be, anything you can imagine?

Are you ready for an extraordinary life?

This won't be for everybody. But if you feel inspired to get this right now, then expect your life to blast into orbit and the results to dazzle and confuse everyone -- including you."

You're about to discover VERY powerful information, known by VERY few people. And seriously, if you are easily shocked, this may not be for you.

However if you have the courage to take control of your life, if you are open to new ideas, new possibilities, a new future ... keep reading.

It's time to learn about ThetaHealing and how it can change your life.

Imagine if you could program yourself to actually HEAL your mind and body?

Sound incredible? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine if you could find inspired answers to all your problems.

Or attract a NEW romantic partner-even your SOUL MATE!

Well, you may be somewhat stunned to learn that all of this is now possible . Plus MUCH more!

This was an in-house secret.

Until now.


I wish I could convey in words the overwhelming Divine Power of a ThetaHealing DNA2 Class weekend.

We move in a non-stop moment-by-moment state of exhilaration.

If you're ready to go beyond what you think you know about manifesting your own reality, consider investing in the weekend that changed lives.

The investment is small.

The potential for change is colossal.

And consider --

Where do you turn when you realize you haven't been getting all of your intentions?

What happens when you realize you haven't been in control of every aspect of your entire life?

What would your life be like when you realize there is a better way to live -- and you never knew what it was until now?

And finally, what's better than all of the things you want for yourself?

Imagine if you could find inspired answers to all your problems...

... or attract a NEW romantic partner.

Get all of the answers, and much more, in my ThetaHealing DNA2 Class.
There's not much else to say, except --

Expect Miracles.

What Really Works in Healing Your Own Reality?

In the search for help and resolve from physical or emotional pain, the quest can seem long, tedious and never ending.

If you've been looking for help and answers for years, or this is the first time you've been faced with a certain challenge, you will find your answers.

If you're skeptical, don't bother to read this right now.

But if you're open minded, then brace yourself for some goose bumps..

Are you ready to embark on the journey of your life time?

Are you willing to learn how to turbocharge your ability to heal and bring it up to the next level?

This class will bring you to a higher levels of experience and understanding of your abilities and gifts as an evolved individual.

This class is for people who want more, and are ready for more.

This class is for people who are ready to learn how to accelerate their ability to manifest.

This class is for people who are ready to go beyond what they knew or thought they knew.

This class is for people who want to to let go of what didn't work in order to learn what does work.

This class is for people who want to create the life they have always dreamed.

So… what dream life will you create?

Here Are Some Highlights Of What Will Be Covered

Day 1:
The DNA Story
What Is The Theta State?
Instantly Accessing Theta
Strengthen Your Electromagnetic Energy Field
Awaken Your Intuitive And Visualization Senses
The Healing Technique
Look Inside The Human Body And Witness Healing
How To Do Self Healings
How To Do Group Healings
Muscle Testing Methods
Learn How The Beliefs Held On Four Levels (Core, Genetic, History & Soul) Affect Your Health And Everyday Life.

Day 2:
Learn How To Pull, Change, And Replace Your Non-Serving Core Beliefs On All These Four Levels.
Learn Gene Replacement
DNA Activation
Youth And Vitality Activation
Activate The Mitochondria That Fuels Your DNA
Fountain Of Youth Genetic Programming
Future Psychic Reading

Day 3:
Guardian Angels
Soul Mates
Kahuna Magic
Learn How To Shift Energy In Your Environment
The Seven Working Planes Of Existence
Learn How To Remove Negative Energy
Learn How To Use ThetaHealing To Help Your Spiritual/Mental/Physical Health and Well-Being.
Dealing With Death
And Learn So Much More...

Come and learn how to:
Reclaim Your Energy And Personal Power.
Feel Younger As Your Energy Levels Increase.
Experience Quickened Capacity For Self Healing.
Unleash Instantaneous Manifestations.

You haven't come across this before. What you're about to learn are breakthrough healing techniques that you won’t find anywhere else. Not online, not in bookstores, not in any university.

ThetaHealing is simple to follow, easy to learn, and you don't need any special skills to begin your healing. All you need is willingness to learn. It's as easy as following step-by-step directions.

As a matter of fact, it's so easy a 10 year old child can do this.

Follow the steps and, voila! You start experiencing results. Plus you'll personally enjoy all the major benefits of ThetaHealing.

We Are All Healers

Do you now that:
* Healership isn’t defined by a title; we all heal.
* We all have the potential to become remarkable healers, once we believe it is possible.
* To get to remarkable we all have things to learn, regardless of our natural gifts.
* As we become better healers we raise the planet’s vibrations.
* Healership is our birthright.
*We all have the opportunity to make a difference in the world as a healer.

Say Goodbye to Feeling Stuck or Unhappy All the Time

It's time to live the life you always dreamed.

Learn how to put an end to worry, dealing with stresses, and all the other things that make your life miserable.

Finally taste the success of a healthy, happy, and prosperous human being!

How Is This ThetaHealing Class Different?

There are thousands of classes on healing and many are excellent. I’ve read and studied many of them over the last 30 years. This class is different in at least four specific ways, and each of them benefits you.

1. Thetahealing is practical. There are other practical healing skills, but none are practical for everyone regardless of their experience level. This class will unleash the remarkable healer within you.

2. Thetahealing is inspirational. I believe that you can be a remarkable healer. This class is given from this belief.

3. Thetahealing gives you a plan. I know you are busy, and I know you don’t have a week to close your door and build a plan to be a better healer – you have work to do!

4. ThetaHealing is more than a book. Vianna Stibal, originator, knows what it takes to be a remarkable healer and shares her secrets, tips, and examples in this compelling and enjoyable book. Each chapter gives outstanding healing secrets. Any one of these might be the specific tool or technique that you need to transform your life to the next level.

ThetaHealing is elegant, powerful, and actionable.

I love that ThetaHealing zooms in on the healership practices that can supercharge your life in only three days. Anyone can be a great healer by following this guidance.

How Will You Benefit?

Using the materials (both in the class, book and beyond) you will benefit in hundreds of ways. This class can make a difference for you and all those you heal.

With the help of ThetaHealing you will be able to:
Improve your psychic abilities
Reach the Theta healing state in seconds
Perform instant healings
Turbocharge your healing power
Strengthen your relationship with the Creator
Communicate with guides and angels
Change your core beliefs that imprison you
Replace genes
And I could go on and on and on...

You Too Can Reap The Massive Benefits

And know how to keep tipping the scale more and more in your favor as you continue to heal using these incredible techniques.

I must admit, it's been a thrilling ride so far. The transformations that occurred have led me to having tons of great times and meeting the most wonderful people.

Now it's your turn!

My teachings are offered in the vibration of love bringing you into higher levels of experiences. I assist you as you generate a greater understanding of your abilities and gifts as an evolved individual.

Through this class you will learn and understand how to apply the information presented immediately within your life. The best part about taking this class is that you can easily implement these teachings on your family and friends. That’s fantastic!

This class is so easy you will be amazed at its simplicity yet overwhelmed by its POWER.

Even a monkey can do it!

Come Play With Me As You Create Your Life As What YOU Want It To Be...

And Have Fun Doing It!


Includes free ThetaHealing book, workbook, and email support.

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